Shocks & Bar-B-Q

One evening, many years ago, I was watching Larry King, whose guests that night included two gay men who had started a controversial magazine, the primary function of which was to “out” famous heretofore “straight” individuals as gay.
Listening to these two men rattle on about their calling, I was struck by their arrogance. It was their duty, they said—for the sake of every self-loathing gay still in the closet—to expose these celebrities, thereby making it easier for all gays to not only feel better about themselves, but to find their rightful place in society. To me, they were the quintessential tattle-tales, tugging at society’s sleeve, polished apple in hand, messing in peoples’ lives with absolutely no concern with the consequences of their behavior.
I asked myself a question: What if one of their liberated victims wasn’t quite ready, for whatever reason, to have his (or her) sexual proclivity exposed to the world? What chain of events might follow this sort of intrusion into another’s personal life?
It was this question that led me shortly thereafter to this novel, and while I readily admit my total loathing for these two gentlemen and for anybody who meddles in the lives of others, I do owe them a debt of gratitude for giving me the idea for this book. Life is full of little ironies.
The book was written in 1992, dusted off and polished up in 2010 and finally published and presented for your approval in 2011. Thanks for your patience.

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