Raping for Jesus

Earlier this week Senator Richard Mourdock stated that he was against abortion even in the case of rape because, in his opinion, it is, in these instances, God’s will. So let me see if I clearly understand this. God is sitting around up in heaven thinking he wants a certain woman to get pregnant so that a certain potential human being can come into existence. Maybe this future child will be a world leader, or maybe he’ll be a serial killer—we can’t say for sure; it depends on what God’s will is. So God is contemplating how to make this event a reality, perhaps he is consulting with some of his Angels, when he has a revelation, the likes of which only God can have: “I know, I’ll have someone rape her and get her pregnant.” Evidently it never occurs to God that he could forego the rape and just let her husband or boyfriend impregnate her. Oh well, he’s got a lot on his mind—there are children that need sodomizing, earthquakes, floods, and pestilence to plan—sometimes he misses the obvious. Or maybe he’s just not that smart. Perhaps he is an infant who doesn’t understand the pain and suffering that we humans endure every time he comes up with one of his hairbrained ideas. Or, maybe we’re just not smart enough to know what’s best for us; maybe some women need to be raped and some children need to be kidnapped and murdered. Maybe it’s all just too deep for us to understand.

But here’s the problem: if God has planned all this, if it is all his will, why do we vilify the perpetrator. After all, who can go against God’s will? If He says rape that woman and get her pregnant which of us is man enough to say no? It puts everything in a new light. All the Sanduskys, the Jeffrey Dahmers, the Hitlers of the world are all just doing God’s will. Instead of punishing them we should salute them as God’s warriors, carrying out the most nasty assignments so that God’s will can manifest itself on the planet. Richard Mourdock understands this. So does Mitt Romney, who still supports his bid for the Senate.

So here’s a word of advice to all of you out there planning some horrible deed. When you get caught and find yourself in front a jury,—most of whom will no doubt be Christians,—just tell them you really didn’t want to do it, you were doing God’s will, that  you were, after all, only raping for Jesus.

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  1. David Panno says:

    I actually had quite a long rebuttal to your ridiculous post, but it would be a waste of breath. As a Christian, I can only say that all instances of rape are a horrific tragedy and is never in God’s plan. The sick individuals who perpetrate those acts are not acing on any divine instruction. The unborn child is an innocent victim as well. The question is do we have the right to end that life, no matter how it was created. I doubt if that agreement will ever be reached. Your title Rape for Jesus is idiotic and childish. I would have expected more from someone as intelligent as you. My church spends millions of dollars a year building shelters and helping women who are victims of rape, incest, human trafficking. This isn’t money stolen from us by people like your president. Mike, you really need to take some time and learn what real Christianity means, you may be surprised. While we horrible Christians take these unwed mothers in and help them with their babies, your side wants to kill them before they’re born.

    • mike panno says:

      As usual, you’ve completely missed the point of my blog. It was not about Christianity or even abortion, for that matter. It was about Mourdock’s statement that a pregnancy borne out of rape is, and this is a direct quote, “God’s will.” Do you agree with that statement or not? It’s a simple question. My title “Raping for Jesus” is meant to be ironic. I shouldn’t have to explain that to you but you obviously didn’t get it. You prefer to call me an idiot because you don’t understand irony. Sorry if I got too intellectual (I know how you Republicans frown on that kind of stuff).

      As far as your church goes, I champion any group, religious or secular, that does good deeds. Where in the blog did I say anything derisive about Christians? Like any religion Christianity is populated with both the good and the bad. Mourdock is a moron, and a dangerous one at that. Rape is NOT God’s will!!

      Now that you brought up abortion, here’s my position. We have a secular government, not a religious one. The supreme court ruled on abortion 40 years ago and I support that ruling. I don’t personally like the idea of abortion except as a last resort, but you or I don’t get to decide where that line is for women: the courts have already drawn that line. People like Mourdock and Romney want to take us bad to the day when young girls were getting back alley abortions because it was against the law. You want all these unwanted children born but the Republican party never wants to spend any money to provide for them or their poverty stricken single mothers. Your ideas are simplistic, just like they are about every other social issue.

      For you to suggest I know nothing about Christianity is ridiculous. You were spared the Catholic School experience. I spent three years listening to all that dogma and fearing the wrath of God, so I got my Christian education first hand. And no, Dave, I’m not bitter about it. I rejected it a long time ago but I still respect anyone’s right to worship as they choose. Just don’t cram your beliefs down my throat because at the end of the day, they are just that: your beliefs.

  2. David Panno says:

    As usual, I missed the point of your blog? I don’t think so, As usual you want to spin what the intent of your blog. You made several references to God as he is not very bright or he’s an infant. I made it clear in my opening paragraph that I don’t agree with that statement. I didn’t call you an idiot. I said the title of your blog was idiotic. I certainly don’t think you’re an idiot. As I said in the next sentence, you’re very intelligent. If Mourdoc made that statement than, yes, he’s a moron. Come on Mike, your disdain for Christians is obvious. If I’m wrong, that I apologize. Two final things, Christianity is not a religion. Jesus was very outspoken on his dislike for religious hypocrites. Your experience with Catholic school is a perfect example. It’s not about dogma and a bunch of rules designed to instill guilt. It’s about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My initial views about abortion came from talking with Joe. At the time he was an agnostic. He was anti abortion, saying that once the fetus is created is a viable human being. It only gets bigger up until birth. As Christians we believe in the sanctity of life, whatever the circumstances of it’s creation were. There’s actually been studies shown, that even victims of rape where more psychologically damaged by aborting than not. Their reasoning was that they were inflicting pain on another innocent victim.

    As far as the Republican party not wanting to spend money. Are you serious. There’s been trillions spent on these programs, but it’s not working. The problems are getting worse. Throwing more tax money at social programs isn’t always the answer. Your standard Liberal response is that I’m cramming my beliefs down your throat. You on the Left are the worst offenders of that. You can have any beliefs you want. The God I believe in commands us to love our fellow man no matter what his beliefs are. I respect your beliefs, even if I don’t agree with them. And, no rape is certainly not God’s will.

    • I have no disdain whatsoever for Christians and there is nothing written by me that would indicate otherwise. Perhaps you would like to point out my so called disdain. And I’m spinning the content of my own blog? My references to God as not being bright or being an infant was, as I said, irony, to point out what an idiot Mourdoc is. And you still refuse to admit he made the comment in question. You say “if he made that statement. There is no “if.” And I hate to break it to you but Christianity is by definition a religion. Jesus may not approve of it, but it’s a religion.

      Your’e right, there has been a lot of money spent on programs, in spite of Republican objections.

      As far as where life begins, you have a million live sperm racing for a live egg. If none of them make it—which happens almost every month—nobody screams murder. But somehow, a split second after one of them penetrates the egg you say there’s a human being. Maybe you’re right and maybe you’re wrong. My point is, no one can give a definitive answer to that question, and until they do, I’m for letting women determine their own future, not you, or me, or anyone else. If a rape victim wants to carry that baby, more power to her. I don’t recall ever advocating mandatory abortions for rape victims.

  3. David Panno says:

    I didn’t address all of your comments, but let me make it clear, I don’t support what Mourdoc said. I doubt that he believes that rape is God’s will. I will research the speech and see what was said. Obviously we will never agree politically. That’s fine. You believe that big government is the answer. I don’t. Anyway, I’m sorry you had such a negative experience in Catholic school. They certainly did not teach anything about true Christianity. Maybe sometime we can have a civil discussion about these topics over a beer or cocktail, (I’m really not a beer drinker) No hard feelings, I still want my free book. Uh oh that sounds like welfare. LOL just kidding.

  4. David Panno says:

    Sorry, but you’re wrong, Christianity is not a religion. Anyway, since my last post I looked up what Mourdoc said. I won’t do what you on the Left do every time our gaffe prone President and VP say something stupid, and cry “out of context.” He and Akin said insanely stupid things. Their remarks from a Christian perspective are totally wrong and not supported by any Christian that I know. You can argue where life begins with our brother Joe, who is far more knowledgeable on the subject than I am. He is the one who endorsed what I believe. Again, I never said you endorsed mandatory abortions for rape victims, I was merely sharing with you some studies I had read.

    It just seems to me, and I could be wrong, that the Left will take one quote from one Christian, Republican, conservative etc. and accuse everyone in that group of sharing that belief. Again, let me be clear, I do not agree with Mourdoc and find his statement idiotic and false.

    • mike panno says:

      I never lumped Christians into the package, nor did I say all Republicans think like Mourdoc. My whole blog was about Mourdoc and his statement, and it was never about Christians or abortion but rather an extreme point of view voiced by a guy who happens to be a U.S. Senator and who is supported by another guy who happens to be running for President. Read the original blog again and explain to me where in it I attacked Christians. My references to God being either stupid or cruel were in response to Mourdoc’s idiotic statement about God’s will. I’m glad to here you agree with me about Mourdoc. If you had paid closer attention to the blog we could have avoided all the other debate.

  5. Greg Morgan says:

    Really great stuff Mike and Dave. I saw the clip of Mourdoc and would not defend the statement he made. I do enjoy the differing view points, keep pushing those buttons..!!

  6. David Panno says:

    We’ll leave it the way it is. Bottom line is that people on both sides say stupid things that they wish they could take back or maybe they don’t in some cases. Anyway, truth be told I’ll be glad when the election is over. Whatever the outcome life will go on.

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