In 1995 Mike Panno joined the group The Tractors, out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, after many years of playing in clubs with various bands. Mike toured the U.S. and Europe for most of that year. He continued with the band for the next ten years, recording five albums. The Tractors was an excellent band with truly great musicians. During the tour in ’95, Mike also had the good fortune to play with such luminaries as Bruce Springsteen, Lionel Ritchie, and Vince Gill.













The Tractors is an American country rock band composed of a loosely associated group of musicians, headed by guitarist Steve Ripley. Under the band’s original lineup, The Tractors was signed to Arista Records in 1994, releasing their self-titled debut album that year; the album went on to become the highest-selling country album of 1994, even though it only produced one Top 40 hit on the Billboard country charts. To date, the band has followed up with five more albums.
Since their foundation, most of the band’s original members have moved on to separate projects, although they often collaborate with frontman Ripley on The Tractors’ more recent recordings. Ripley is the only official member of the group; he has stated that The Tractors is more of a “state of mind”.