Marriage and Chicken

So, the mayor of Boston doesn’t want Chic fil-A in his city because their CEO doesn’t believe in same sex marriage. I’m not really concerned with the legal aspects of this, but for the record, he can’t stop them from coming to his town just because he doesn’t like their take on gay marriage. It’s called the First Amendment.

But like I said, I’m not here to talk about the law. I’m more interested in just how crazy everyone is going over this. Mike Huckabee is encouraging all his followers to go to Chic-fil-A and eat their food in support of good Christian values. Jim Hansen, on the other hand, says his company will no longer partner with Chic-fil-A due to their lack of tolerance for alternative life styles.

For the record, I’m all for gay marriage. If you’re gay and you want to get married, by all means take the walk,  join the crowd.  But please, get over yourself a little bit. Everybody knows the fundamentalists are a little crazy about homosexuality (among other things). So the CEO doesn’t believe in your life style. Did he say you couldn’t eat in his restaurant? Has he refused to hire gays? If just knowing that the CEO of the restaurant doesn’t fancy gay marriage is just too much for you to stomach, then by all means, don’t eat there!

But before the protests start, consider this: If you were a gay CEO of a restaurant would you come out—no pun intended—and say you believed same sex marriage was okay? And if you did, would you want the mayor of some major city saying he wasn’t going to let you open a restaurant there because of your beliefs?  Would you want the straight community to boycott your restaurant because of your beliefs? No, I suspect in this  reverse situation, the shit would be hitting the fan.

Listen, we all have a right to have open or closed minds and to speak those minds, however foolish we may sound. That’s the first amendment. When Chic-fil-A starts refusing service to gays or blacks or women or Hispanics or people under five feet tall, etc., or refuses to hire same, I’ll join the boycott. Until then, I’ll judge this and every other restaurant by a more simpler test: how’s the food?

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  1. David Panno says:

    This whole controversy really silly. Endless attacks from both sides about gay marriage, discrimination etc. It really is nothing more than a first amendment issue. You’re exactly right (no pun intended) when you state the obvious, which seems to have been lost on all of the crazies. Mr.Cathy is merely stating his beliefs. He’s not turning away anyone from eating at his restaurants. If his position is so offensive than don’t eat there. End of Story. FYI Henson doesn’t own the Muppets anymore, they are now owned by ABC and Disney.
    And yes, imagine the uproar if a gay owned business was denied access in any major city. We all know the outcome of that. For some certain people, it’s only free speech if you agree with them.

  2. Jim Quealy says:

    Anything that keeps Mike Huckabee away from playing bass guitar has at least one silver lining.

  3. Jim Quealy says:

    Funny thing about that first amendment ;
    It seems so important when we agree with what”s being said and yet, so silly , when we don”t

  4. Greg Morgan says:

    Gay marriage and gun control, newsworthy and very dividing subjects for us americans. Just to change the subject a little here is an article that got a couple hours exposure on CNN’s site yesterday.

    I am hoping this link will work – because the article not so easy to find now.
    A reminder that we are still paying for our war against communism so many years ago.

  5. Laura says:

    Sadly, some of my family members can’t “take the walk” or “join the crowd” when it comes to marriage. That’s where it’s really hard to “get over it”. Tim has two “Mothers in-law” and Amber has two “Mothers in-law” and and for some reason they don’t have the same rights as Mick and I do. Phenominal women, all of them and it breaks my heart that they would like to “take the walk” and they can’t.

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