Crazy anti-Islam Video

After the assault in Benghazi on Tuesday I felt compelled to check out the video that seems to have instigated the violence. Mitt Romney, of course, seems to believe it doesn’t matter what the content of the video is ’cause we’re Americans, by God, and we have free speech. I wonder how Mitt would feel if some Muslims made a film depicting Joseph Smith, or, even better, Jesus Christ, wherein Jesus is depicted as a child molester, mass murderer, and a drunken moron?

But, back to the film. I have to say, just the production value alone makes me shake my head. This film is porn film quality (or, how I would imagine a porn film might be made); horrible acting, ridiculous writing and make-up and costuming that would be put to shame by any 8th grade production. But what do we expect? The guy who made this had only one goal in mind: to blaspheme every aspect of Islam by attacking Mohammed. Perhaps he even wanted people to die just so he could stir up more hatred toward Muslims.

Are we to believe he had no idea his creative endeavor would end in violence? Will he sleep well tonight knowing he lit the fuse that ¬†eventually killed four people? And no, I’m not shifting the blame from the cowards who committed the killings. Despite this assault on a religion, any mentally sound individual should be able to step back and protest in some other manner. But there is a fringe element in every religion that is capable of heinous crimes, and when you know that going in you should be responsible enough to tread lightly.

And of course Mitt Romney couldn’t wait to try and score some political points, blasting Obama for his foreign policy before the four dying Americans had finished bleeding out. The embassy in Cairo condemned the video before the attack at Benghazi, and of course Mitt twisted that into what he called another Obama Apology to terrorist. It’s a new political low. For those of you still on the fence about this guy or maybe you’re a little disillusioned about Obama, this should bring home to you just how important it is that Romney does not win this election.

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  4. andy panno says:

    we now know the video was not the cause of the attack. just to set the record straight. hope to see you and lori soon. Andy

  5. andy panno says:

    mike, how about the cross in a bottle of urine and the virgin mary with elephant dung on her and on display and called art. should catholics rise up or should we demand this be stopped? where do you put a limit on free speech?

    • admin says:

      There are all kinds of limits to free speech: Try cursing at a cop sometime and see what happens. But for the most part we have a constitution that supports the idea of people being able to speak their mind, and yes that includes the nut job who made the video and the so-callled artists that want to make a political point by defaming the Virgin Mary, etc. Should Catholics rise up? I think mature individuals and religions can endure a little tainted speech; it’s the lesser of two evils. Even idiots have rights in a democracy. How else do you explain Rush Limbaugh? Ha ha.

  6. David Panno says:

    We all know now, which is no surprise, that the video had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks on our embassies. Free speech seems to have been the focal point of a few controversies lately, including the subject of your previous blog. Apparently someone or some group will always be offended by something somebody says, films or creates.
    The extremists of the world often will use these instances to mask their actions. Such was the case in Libya. Unfortunately it costs the lives of 4 Americans. Hopefully, we will make it clear that these attacks will not be tolerated. I guess it’s a good thing they’re aren’t any Catholic terrorists, or they might have retaliated against the maggots that created that piece of crap they called art. Even better yet, it was done with taxpayer money. Yet another argument for ending government grants to the arts. But as you said even idiots have rights in a democracy, otherwise MSNBC would not exist.

  7. There are all kinds of terrorists, yes even in the Catholic Church. Unless, of course you don’t think priests molesting young boys is an act of terror. Just saying. As far as taxpayer money going towards questionable art, I happen to believe that the arts are an important part of any culture and should be supplemented to some degree by the taxpayer, even if I don’t like all the art that is produced with those funds. If we’re going to spend billions every year on weapons that do nothing but kill people, we can certainly spend a few million to advance what is, for the most part, a positive influence in society.

    • David Panno says:

      I consider anyone who molests children pedophiles and sexual predators, which is the correct definition. If you want to donate your tax money to the arts, than be my guest. Of course the arts are important, but that should be a choice. I don’t want my money going to abortions either. Actually, abortion doctors who kill millions of unborn children are terrorists also. I never thought of that before, but you’ve opened my eyes. Guns, as you pointed out, in the wrong hands can kill people, but not by themselves. If the military, doesn’t have them, they wouldn’t be very affective. Without a strong military, we would be at the mercy of terrorists, much like our embassy was. Oh well, Hillary said that’s there no evidence to suggest that increased military protection would have helped. Crazy me, but if I’m being attacked, I’m thinking that more armed security, no matter how many, is better than less. And to think she was almost president.

  8. Unfortunately, none of us gets to cherry pick which places our tax dollars go. As far as abortion doctors being terrorists, I guess that depends on when life begins and I don’t think anyone has a lock on that, just an opinion. Next thing you know, people will be saying masturbation is murder. I’m all for a strong military, to a point. We spend way too much money so America can be the cop of the planet, money that could be better used right here at home. If Hillary said that, then she’s putting a stupid political spin on a bad situation, although I will say if the embassy was hit by rockets, there’s little fifty or a hundred marines could have done to stop that. If we’re going to have embassies in hostile areas they should be well defended, but at the end of the day, anything can happen. We have thousands of troops in Afghanistan but soldiers still die. I know the right wants to blame Obama for what happened at the embassy, but that’s just a cheap shop. No President can be perfect at all things, all the time. Shit happens; you learn from it and try and do better the next time.

  9. Greg Morgan says:

    I was most amazed at the rapid spread of the youtube video. I think there are many people who would love (or pay) for that kind of distribution. That it got to all of the right viewers, all at the same time, from a single youtube post..!!! I know we are attempting to bring “democracy” to Libya, but a no-fly zone was certain to anger some parts of the population there (my opinion).

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