About Me

I was born in Streator, Illinois, where I lived until the age of eleven when my family—much to my chagrin—moved to Southern California. Having spent the first eleven years of my life in the Midwest, I still consider myself a Midwesterner, and I find that many of my favorite authors also emanate from this region.

I attended the University of California, Irvine, where I majored in English Literature, but dropped out after my junior year to join a rock and roll band. I play tenor, alto and baritone sax, flute and the Yamaha wx-5 wind midi controller. I like all kinds of music as long as it is played well.

After many years of playing in clubs with various bands, I joined the group The Tractors, out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1995, and toured the U.S. and Europe for most of that year. I continued with the band for the next ten years, recording five albums. The Tractors was an excellent band with truly great musicians. During our tour in ’95, I also had the good fortune to play with such luminaries as Bruce Springsteen, Lionel Ritchie, and Vince Gill.

Throughout my years as a professional musician I have continued to write fiction: short stories, screenplays and novels. My first novel, Animal Rites, was published in 2001 and my second one, Shocks & Bar-B-Q was published in February 2012. I am currently working on a semi-autobiographical coming-of-age novel set in Illinois in 1958. I am also planning on publishing a collection of short stories that I have written over the years. I am hoping to have that ready by the end of 2012.

People have asked me what I like more, music or writing and I all I can say is they are both essential to my wellbeing. I think the writing has always come to me more naturally, whereas music has always required a lot more hard work.